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BCNL indoor hydroponic grow boxes give you the

Freedom to Produce Mind Numbing Yields

The Producer

  • Large Flowering Chamber
  • 800 Watts of lighting power
  • Built for clones
Discover The Producer

The BloomBox

  • Grow your own clones
  • Dual chamber for fast cycles
  • Perfect for "discreet" growing
Discover The BloomBox

The RoomMate

  • Our smallest grow box
  • Veg & Flower 4 Plants
  • Powerful 400 Watt Lighting
Discover The RoomMate

Looking For Grow Rooms?

We have 7 grow box "combos" that will blow your mind. By making multiple grow boxes work together, you can get as many as 52 harvests per year!

Grow Box Combo

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Discover Why Growing In A BCNL Grow Box
Is So Simple & Effective

Super High Yield Design

"Utilizing every inch of a small space is a must to get big crops indoors."

By using only 400 watt HID lights and highly reflective medical grade aluminum, BC Northern Lights grow boxes are able to produce more light energy than your plants can absorb per square foot.

Plus, with an optimized grow box height, your plants don't waste space by being too high so you get shorter grow times and faster, sticky harvests.

Smell Free Air Circulation

Odour destroying carbon filter eliminates odors from inside the growing chamber

Keep your grow box discreet. Every grow box we sell comes with a carbon packed air filter capable of scrubbing all of the odors from your growing chamber. The only one who knows what's growing is you.

Safe, Professional Wiring

Every Grow Box is an automated growing appliance. Professionally wired and built to last, they are safe, secure and made with premium electronics and parts.

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