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Indoor Growing Accessories

The Dryer

The Dryer - Grow Box Accessory

The Dryer is sure to come in handy to those who already own a BCNL product or to those who are still growing the old fashioned way and are just thinking about getting into a self contained greenhouse.

Dimensions: 24" Cube


T-5 Lighting Upgrade

T5 Grow Box Lighting Upgrade

In addition to the digital ballast and fluorescent lighting we already have in our boxes… we have now introduced two strips of T5 lighting situated on top of the reservoir shinning up underneath to provide light to the lower fruits and veggies that would normally shaded by the canopy of leaves from the lights above. We have found with the addition of these new T5 lights, we are producing 20-30% more yields per harvest. Best $100 a grower could ever spend!


Grow Box Ventilation Collar

Grow box ventilation Collar

Having trouble keeping your ambient room temperature down? Air conditioner working overtime? With the addition of our collars to the lighting outtake fans you can vent out the unwanted heat elsewhere making it easier to maintain your ambient air temp in the room.


Indoor Growing Tri-Meter

Indoor Growing trimeter

The NutradipTM Tri-MeterTM is the monitoring system the busy grower has been waiting for! This affordable yet high quality meter accurately measures temperature, nutrient content and PH - the three most important factors that will maximize your growing yields. The Nutradip Tri-Meter is the solution to all your measurement requirements.


Golden Grow Power Cloner

Golden grow power cloner

BC Northern Lights and Golden Grow have partnered together to bring you a new way to get the most out of your growing experience. With the Golden Growョ Cloning and Vegetation System, you'll be able to create up to 48 clones of your favorite plants more quickly with flawless results. Plus, if you need to vegetate your new plants a bit, the Golden Grow Cloning and Vegetation System also comes with a 12-hole lid suitable for early vegetation using 3.5-in net pots.


Internal Fan

Internal fan

A fan to help you circulate the air inside your grow box.