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Grow Your Own Indoors

We build essential medical grade indoor hydroponics growing equipment that produces amazing harvests.

Professionally built Hydroponic Grow Boxes

Purpose built growing appliances. That means we build each grow box from the ground up. Each component of our industry leading grow boxes is custom designed and fitted specifically for growing indoors.

That means you don't just get a filing cabinet tossed together with random components, you get serious growing equipment.

Hydroponics growing at it's best. Hydroponics is easy to learn, clean and gives you the biggest yields in the least amount of time. Our custom electronic grow timers control every aspect of your grow from watering and lighting, to CO2 injection and air quality.

Backed by our 7 days a week support pros, you'll get amazing crops every time.

Where you've seen us

"The customer service at BCNL is the best. The equipment is second to none. The machines are quiet, virtually odorless, and worth every penny!"

The Bloombox

  • 2 Chamber Design
  • Flowers 9 Plants
  • Grow Hydro or Soil
  • 400w HID Lighting
  • 54" W x 51" H x 28" D

The Producer

  • Single Chamber Design
  • Flowers 18 plants
  • Grow Hydro or Soil
  • 800w HID Lighting
  • 54" W x 51" H x 28" D

The Mothership

  • Grows 4 Mother Plants
  • 400w HID Lighting
  • Optional Hydro Setup
  • 29" W x 51" H x 28" D

The Roomate

  • Small Footprint
  • Grow Hydro or Soil
  • 400w HID Lighting
  • 29" W x 51" H x 28" D

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High Yield Design

"Utilizing every inch of a small space is a must to get high yields indoors."

By using only 400 watt HID lights and highly reflective medical grade aluminum, BC Northern Lights grow boxes are able to produce more light energy than your plants can absorb per square foot.

Plus, with an optimized grow height your plants don't waste space by being too high so you get shorter grow times and faster sticky harvests.

Beautifully Simple

Built from the ground up for indoor growing, our medical-grade aluminum grow boxes are light, easy to use and easy to keep clean.

Over a decade of research and development has created a true growing appliance.

Grow Smart

Our Grow Smart timers are professionally wired and easy to use. With simple toggle switches for Veg/Flower, water override and CO2 you can control your grow with ease.

A true one-plug design makes running a BCNL grow box as easy as plugging it in and flipping a switch.

Big Yields Indoors

Not only do we build our grow boxes from scratch, but we also have designed a specific line of hydroponic nutrients for indoor growing.

After years of development, you can finally get the yields you want from a one stop shop for growing equipment and supplies.

A REAL Growing Appliance

This isn't a filing cabinet from home Walmart that has a bunch of grow equipment stuffed into it and hanging together. We own our own metal shop and we build each medical grade grow box from the ground up.

Professionally wired by licensed electricians and assembled with care each grow box is built for years of harvests.

365 Days a Year Support

Year after year we have been praised for our outstanding customer support. 365 days a year we are ready and able to answer your grow or tech questions.

Rest assured, when you grow with us you have a team of growing gurus to back you up and make sure every harvest is a success.

Upgrades Available

Want more from your grow box? We offer a full range of upgrades to customize your grow box for any application.

Need more harvests? We also offer a number of grow box combinations that maximize space and provide multiple harvests every month. Contact us for more details.

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"When they make the best you get the best. BC Northern Lights Rocks!"
- Ave

"... everytime the wonderful lineup of BCNL equipment that I proudly own never lets me down. This has been consistently confirmed to be the best decision I've made."
- Justin

"BCNL has been better than advertised. They have answered every question and resolved all of my issues."
- Kevin