BCNL indoor hydroponic grow boxes give you the Freedom to

Grow your own flowers and vegetables

The Producer

Large Growing Chamber
800 Watts of lighting power
Built for Growing from Cuttings

The BloomBox

Grow your own cuttings
Dual chamber for fast cycles

The RoomMate

Our smallest grow box
Grow Up To 4 Plants
Powerful 400 Watt Lighting

Discover Why Growing In A
BCNL Grow Box Is So Simple & Effective

Super High Yield Design

By using only 400 watt HID lights and highly reflective medical grade aluminum, BC Northern Lights grow boxes are able to produce more light energy than your plants can absorb per square foot.

Plus, with an optimized grow box height, your plants don’t waste space by being too high so you get shorter grow times and faster harvests

Safe, Professional Wiring

Every Grow Box is an automated growing appliance. Professionally wired and built to last, they are safe, secure and made with premium electronics and parts.

Who We Are

In early 2001, four friends from the sunny Okanagan Valley launched BC Northern Lights. Like every good kid from Kelowna, the guys knew a thing or two about hydroponics. With daytime experience in automotive manufacturing and a bit of entrepreneurial flare, they set out to design and build the perfect growing environment. Today the company’s flagship “BloomBox” is recognized as the market standard for indoor gardens.

BCNL’s motto is “Grow Your Own”. Along with the only purpose-built, commercial grade grow cabinets on the market, BC Northern Lights provides customized nutrient management plans and unlimited toll-free technical support through its support line, BCNL customers can speak to experienced technicians from 7AM to 8PM pacific time, seven days a week. Today the company employs 19 people and has grown over 30% in each of the past 7 years. A progressive attitude motivates the team as collaboration and open communication drives operations.

The way the company treats its employees is carried through in its customer care. From the minute a non-customer has questions, BCNL reps share their knowledge and guide their customers’ success. Customer directed R&D has been a strong point. Because BCNL owns the manufacturing facilities, the company can tweak production runs to respond to customer requests, making each run of boxes better than the last. BCNL’s BloomBox is now a 6th generation product, with customer directed changes incorporated all along. While the company grows, it has instituted regular product lifecycle meetings to ensure that customer feedback from a variety of sources is channeled into production runs and training materials in a structured, scientific fashion.

Shipping Information

BCNL uses ABF Freight for shipping as they offer the most pick-up locations and second to none reliability. Both products come pre-assembled and look like a big screen T.V. when they arrive at your door. Shipping costs vary depending on where you are located. We can get you a specific shipping quote upon request. When ordering a Bloombox or a Producer you have 3 options:

You can pick-up from the closest ABF Freight location to you. Call or email for this location in relation to you.

For an extra $75 you can have delivery to your address, where you still are required to help the driver lift the unit off the truck.

For an extra $100 you can have delivery to your address with a power tailgate to lower the product down from the truck and delivery to the house.

International Shipping

Shipping Weights:

Producer – 240 LBS – This weight includes a large pallet, the Producer and all items packaged in the inside. Once the Producer is cut away from the pallet and on it’s own it weights only 100 LBS and can be rolled anywhere due to pre-assembled castor wheels.

Bloombox – 230 LBS – This weight includes a large pallet, the Bloombox and all items packaged in the inside. Once the Bloombox is cut away from the pallet and on it’s own it weights only 100 LBS and can be rolled anywhere due to pre-assembled castor wheels.

*Note: All international shipment may be subject to their own countries duties and fees on arrival.


Any order cancellation made after purchase will be subject to a 20% restocking fee.

Contact Us

Our knowledgeable, staff are happy to answer any questions or comments you may have. To reach someone specifically, hit there extension anytime after you hear the good lady’s voice.

Sales & Support

Phone: 1-866-933-3269
Local Phone: 604-637-4650

Shipping Inquiries:

Phone: 1-866-933-3269



Our Address

Unit 311 – 13060 80th Avenue Surrey, BC Canada V3W 3B2