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12 Tips To Get Killer Yields From Your Hydroponic Grow Box

Guest Article Written By Med-Man
This post was written by Med-Man who has grown countless potent grows with our Producer Grow Box. Check out his website here:

Hydroponics grow boxes are an easy way for anyone to grow their own at home.

With odour control, high powered grow lamps and hydroponics nutrients that pack a huge punch, a modern grow box (like the BloomBox) makes it possible for anyone to get decent yields every 8-12 weeks.

But what if you want more?

There are a few things that you can do to ensure that you're getting the most out of your grow box. These things can increase your yields by as much as 50%.

Tip #1: Optimal conditions:

Growing under optimal conditions dramatically increase yield in the grow space. Any negative stress will totally take substantial yield % and quality from your finished numbers.

What is a Grow Box?

Tip #2: Strain:

If you have a strain that just doesn’t yield, no matter what you do or try, it will always be small compared to the rest of the options out there. Try to find a high yielding, fast growing, and grower friendly strain that handles stress well. 

Tip #3: Shock ripening (good stress technique):

Enhance yield, aroma and potency by turning the lights off and giving plants 3-5 days pitch black with the coldest ice water possible.

Tip #4: Shock pruning (good stress technique):

At two weeks of flowering, strip off all lower leaves and branches leaving only 4 nodes at the top of the plant. This ensures all the plants energy goes to where all the light energy is. It increases air flow, decreases pests like bugs and mold, increase yield and quality dramatically. Plus, it makes for a bag of perfectly uniform flowers.

Tip #5: Shock flowering (good stress technique):

Give plants 24-36 hours darkness to initiate flowering. You will see flowers after 7-10 days, and gain at least an extra week of actual budding vs. stretching. So more energy goes into flowers and production.

Tip #6: Flushing (good stress technique):

In hydroponics, flush with plain water for 48 hours every week, not just the usual 24 hours. Plants explode with growth when allowed a break from nutes to use up any stored in them. They re-explode once nutes are reintroduced as well. You can really notice a difference. This also saves on nutrients over-all, as salts in the medium get released into the res, increasing the ppm in the res equalling less fresh nutes needed. In soil, flush every 1-2 feedings for the same results, subject to medium and method and ppm used.

Tip #7: Nutes and booster:

Nutrients matter a ton when it comes to yield and quality. Find something that is low in phosphorous (P). For the most part, P will stress plants out, not increase yield. Remember, you are not growing tomatoes. Our plants prefer Nitrogen (N), Calcium (Ca) and Potassium (K). cns17, advanced nutrients and med-man brand boosters are all up there for plant friendly additives and nutrients. Avoid supernatural brand and all the other high P bloom boosters. They cost more and do less.

Tip #8: Shock messages (good stress technique):

2x a day in veg and 1x a day in flower for 2 week until buds show, gently twist and bend your branches individually and plants as a whole for thicker, sturdier more vigorous and high yielding plants. This really activates the plants immune system, and they looooove the attention for you. Thicker stalks can deliver more nutes, hold more weight, handle more stress from critters, fungus, and other environmental factors and grow bigger buds over-all.

Tip #9: Foliar feeding:

Plants love being fed through the leaves. Find a good foliar like my steroid "cannabolic stacker" that can be used in veg or bloom, or find a proven two-part veg/bloom foliar that also has proven results. This will decrease veg time and stress, increasing bloom time over the year for more yields.

Tip #10: Being prepared:

Have your next run of plants or clones ready before you harvest. That way while the plants get harvested fresh plants can be replanted. This makes for zero downtime, and a more productive space with more crops per year. The time put into a veg space and energy far outweighs the costs and you will benefit hugely.

Tip #11: Know your room and strain:

Build rapport with your total environment - strain, space, outdoor climate, nutes etc. by knowing what may come in problems and stress. You can easily prevent and predict outcomes. Keep notes, and calendars to monitor all activities and their consequential outcomes.

Tip #12: Sealing the room with CO2:

Sealing the room allows total control over the space. No CO2 gets wasted, no pests can enter or leave. Rh% is controlled with a dehumidifier, fresh air is controlled via CO2 bottled or burned, temp is controlled by an a/c. and each device has a digital and dialed monitor to keep things exactly how you want them to be. CO2 has been shown to increase yields from 25-50% in some cases. Keep it all in for the most benefits. But also know when to turn it down or even off in the ripening stages to maintain quality integrity.

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