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Why do people buy BCNL grow boxes?

Look, we know there are a lot of options for indoor growing products. There are a lot, and we know how overwhelming it can be for a new grower—or a grower of any experience level, for that matter.

We can show you picture after picture, supply you with a list of statistics, and give you a bunch of experiment results, but sometimes that doesn't quite do it.

For some, it's what experienced growers have to say—people who were once completely green (ha! see what we did there?) to growing, but committed to our grow boxes and have been growing day in and day out.

So, without further ado, here's why people use our BCNL grow boxes:

"I'm as happy as a sissy in a Peter tree. This BloomBox is a f'in miracle thing. Very cool!" - Lucia, Hattiesburg MS

"Just wanted you to know the girls are having their ice bath and we're harvesting Tuesday. We tried a sample and in a word dy-no-mite." - Mark, Washington DC

"I love my wife and kids a ton, but the two most memorable moments in my life were when I got my first Harley, and when I got my first BloomBox." - Sandy, San Francisco CA

"Long time user...your products ROCK! PLAIN AND SIMPLE! for all the outdoor, indoor, guerrilla growing, whatever,,over the past ten years , your box (I have one of the originals) has continuously produced and performed year after year!" - Charlie, Spartanburg SC

"I own both the BloomBox and a Supercloset and hands down your products kick ass! Rolls Royce of grow boxes." - Martin, Appleton WI

"Love the set up, and even tho I didn't bother you much for help it's good to know you guys were always willing to help, and followed up on the issue. Product quality has impressed me so far and I'm confident it will hold out for a long time. Give thanks to everyone involved. Will enjoy this for a long time to come." - Gen, Fort Worth TX

And here's a particularly good one...

"Back in the summer when we first started thinking about 'growing our own' we had no idea where to start so we bought a subscription to High Times magazine, a source that we trust and has been around forever. That's where we seen the ad for BCNL. After speaking with Ben and asking a hundred questions, (which he answered them all with great patience) we order the RoomMate.

"We received our RoomMate in August and started our first grow in September. And I probably should say gardening is NOT a hobby of mine. With that said, the RoomMate made this grow pretty easy. In the beginning Ben said if I would stay in touch with him and do my part, it would work. And it did!

"The box did everything he said it would do and the grow went surprisingly well. We started from seeds, so once they were big enough to go into the baskets and the box watered them, it was a relief not to have to do that. We never had the first problem out of the RoomMate. It did everyday just what it was supposed to do. Smell was a big concern for us and with the filter, it was never a problem. It completely killed any smell. It was nice to have all the things we need as we needed them. So the upgrade is worth it.

"For those of us who have absolutely no idea what we are doing, to have it all in a nice neat package was nice. And Ben is always an email/phone call away and was always very helpful and patient. I could not imagine having to teach folks how to grow their own!! We harvested our first grow at the end of December and had 8 1/2 ozs of finished product in the end. With a quality product! We started our second grow on January 1. Now that we know for sure, without a doubt, that this will work, if you do your part, this grow will be more fun to do.

"The RoomMate will pay for itself in less than 2 grows for us. And we have already discussed an upgrade in our future. So in less than 6 months we went from not even knowing such of a thing existed, to having a successful grow. So yeah I would say you have a product that definitely works!! And tech support that is always on! We are looking forward to see what this next grow will bring." - Doug and Veronica, Seattle WA 

Well, there you have it. So what are you waiting for? Call 1-888-236-1266 to speak to your friendly neighborhood BCNL rep about the way of the future.

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