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Frequently Asked Questions

How much power do the boxes use?
The boxes run on the same amount of power as a household appliance. That means no fuzz. For specific power usage stats fire us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Why are there no prices on the site?
Everyone's grow setup is different and with all the options available to you half our site would be prices. You can get a quote online here. Or you can call our friendly reps and they can put together a system that'll kick ass just for you.

Is this machine going to do all the work for me?
Hell no, but it does most of it. If you hate plants, it probably isn't for you. But our boxes make sure they don't die like that plant you have in the corner... we know you do.

Is there going to be a smell?
Our boxes are tight when it comes to scent control, but when you're flowering those tomatoes we provide ONA odour control blocks to take care of any sweet sweet smells that escape.

Do I need to buy Nutrients?
All of our boxes come with hydroponic nutrients to get you started. You can upgrade your nutrients, or purchase more from us when you need them.

What happens if something breaks?
We offer a full 3-year warranty on everything in the box except for bulbs.

I've never grown before, is it hard?
It sure would be if you didn't have grow support! Good thing we offer 7 days a week support. Most of our growing gurus even get calls on their cell phones and will answer questions even off shift... crazy.

Our machines are fully hydroponic. Are they easy to use?
Does a bear shit in the woods? Cleaner, easier and more effective than soil or any other growing medium.

If I send you all this money, what guarantee do I have that I will receive my order?
Unlike many manufacturers of these products, the BCNL team believes in something called Karma. Good people + Good Products + Good Value = Good Karma... That’s the way we do business and that’s the way we live our lives. Just ask one of our thousands of satisfied customers.

I have a small budget right now, can I upgrade later?
Heck yes you can. In fact, if you want to start with our most basic package, you can eventually move all the way up to our Pulp Fiction combo just by adding boxes and sensors as your budget "grows".

How much electricity do the grow boxes consume?
This will depend on which area you're growing at and your provider, but for the most part, our grow boxes will not suck you dry through massive electric bills. The total kilowatthour (kWh) per month, depending on the grow box, ranges from 182.9 kWh to 352.8 kWh per month.

Do I need a backup generator for these grow boxes?
The short of the long is no. If you live in an area that experiences constant power outages, then a backup generator might be a good idea.

The reason as to why you wouldn't want your grow box to be without electricity is because the airstones won't be able to produce any oxygen. Without oxygen, your roots will be just sitting in the water and they'll ultimately drown. 

Is this stuff legal?
Hydroponic grow boxes are just indoor greenhouses... that's it. No legal hassles, no fuzz. We've sold over 7000 of these hydro grow boxes all over the world with no problems.

Can you grow anything but tomatoes in the boxes?
You can pretty much grow anything you want.

Do you guys like brownies?

Did someone say BROWNIES?!! LOVE THEM

Are these really Frequently asked questions?
Not really. Just like all other FAQ's everywhere, they are answers we wanted to give but couldn't find another place to put them.

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