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How much power do BCNL grow boxes use?

One of the biggest hurdles for many indoor "tomato" growers is maintaining stealthiness. And the one thing that's the hardest to conceal when you grow indoors?

Power consumption. 

If you're spending $50,000 a year on your electric bills, you're most likely spending too much, not to mention how much attention you're attracting.


We at BC Northern Lights have optimized our grow boxes so that you can grow discreetly. We don't think that you should spend most of your time worrying when you're growing.

So, we're going to break each of our grow boxes down for you.

Covering the draw of every part of the grow boxes, how many hours you'd have them running for, and the total watts per day to give you the total kilowatthours (kWh) per month.

To calculate how much it'd cost you—as the prices will be highly dependent on where you're located—visit the websites below:


The average American household will use roughly 909kWh per month, so keep that in mind as you peruse the charts below.

The RoomMate

The RoomMate is known for its space abilities, condensed in size to better fit your constrained needs. It also saves you on cost simply for the reason that it's a smaller grow box, so it uses less energy.

Here's the breakdown:

The RoomMate Power Consumption

The MotherShip

The MotherShip takes care of your mother plants and helps pump out a steady supply of clones for your harvests.

There are two ways to use The MotherShip:

You can either use it for up to four mother plants, thanks to The MotherShip's perfect growing environment...

... or, you can for up to four mother plants (or two, if you're also using your Power Cloner).

Below, we pulled numbers for if you're housing your mother plants and keeping 'em fresh.

MotherShip Power Consumption

The BloomBox

Ah, The BloomBox. It's our claim-to-fame, the all-in-one growing appliance that lets you harvest with ease.

Having won multiple High Times S.T.A.S.H. Awards, The BloomBox is the premium dual chamber grow box. It can churn out nine flowering plants at any given time, allowing you to harvest every six to eight weeks.

BloomBox Power Consumption

The Producer

This single-chamber bad boy will give you consistent and large yields; it's more reliable than that one friend you have who never pays you back.

The Producer can flower up to 18 quality plants.

RoomMate Power Consumption

Perspective is everything

To put things into perspective, the average refrigerator (we're looking at older models here, which most households have) uses around 100 kWh per month.

While that may not seem a lot, keep in mind that all it's doing is really keeping your food cold. BCNL boxes clone, veg, and flower.



It's not even comparable! 

Again, keep in mind that depending on where you are, how much per kWh will differ. But for what you're growing—quality sticky icky—BCNL grow boxes are the most reasonable on the market.

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