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Indoor Hydroponics Pest Control

Guest Article Written By Med-Man
This post was written by Med-Man, who has grown countless potent grows with our Producer Grow Box. Check out his website here:

Bugs and diseases can invade our garden for multiple reasons but the only real method to make sure your plants and garden space stay safe and free of pests is PREVENTION.

What is a Grow Box?

Having an attack while plants are two weeks into bloom or later is the worst thing that can happen.

Here are the five most common reasons for a pest infestation and how you can prevent it.

1. Pests are brought in by the gardener, either on us or in the clones

If you aren’t growing from seed, and don’t keep a mother that is pest free (and stress free), it will take some due diligence to quarantine and clean any plant products brought in from outside places.

Here's a few tips: keep a grow room wardrobe of clothes and shoes – by using different clothing when you’re working on your garden you can be sure that you haven’t brought in any pests on your clothing.

2. Stress

Stress is probably the second most common cause of pests - plants release hormones and chemicals into the environment all the time. It’s how they talk. Simple stresses like heat, lack of water, nutrient burn and cold temperatures all can really stress out your plants, forcing them to release defence hormones in their cell walls and chemicals into the air.

Parasites like bugs and fungus are attracted to these distress signals if they are near by.

Not all stress is bad stress however. Good stress - topping plants, plant massages (med-man method), shock pruning (med-man method), cannabolic stacker (med-man brand steroid), lots of air flow, shock ripening (med-man method) are all examples of good stress. These can activate a plant’s immune system positively, and leave them denser, thicker and more vigorous. If plants are grown under optimal conditions, and are in peak fitness, bugs or molds will not be able or even want to try to attack them.

3. Cleanliness

Keeping your garden clean is one of the easiest but most important parts of growing indoors with hydroponics. Everything needs to stay as clean as possible including your workspace, tools, plants, grow box and reservoir.

Bugs love the color yellow, so even if you have a clean room, keep sticky strips around. Not only does it attract bugs if they are present, but they also serve as a reference for how many bugs are in a room.

4. Different bugs for different thugs

Many growers like to use predatory bugs to fight and prevent outbreaks. There is a long list of freedom fighters that fight specific kinds of bugs or parasites. A quick google search will allow you to find which insects to buy and unleash in your space for whatever specific pest you want to attack or prevent. They come in mail order, fast and cheap, and can be very effective in pest control.

5. Foliar feeding

Bugs thrive in indoor gardens because they don’t have any natural enemies like other predators, wind, rain and cold. This means they can thrive and get out of control fast. Simple foliar feeding, especially under the leaves fully can irritate and slow down any kind of outbreak. The use of wetting agents in your spray is key, as bugs and pests hate soap or additives that makes water wetter.

Always remember, preventing things is far superior then controlling them.

Save losses, time, energy and money and take the easy way out by preventing any problem before it can even happen. You and your plants will be way happier by doing so.

When in doubt, call your friendly BC Northern Lights rep. We can help with any troubleshooting or questions you have with your grow box.

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