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What Is A Grow Box?

The Perfect Indoor Growing
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A grow box is a self contained indoor growing environment. A grow box creates the ideal conditions for growing and flowering plants indoors. You can grow using hydroponics or soil in a grow box, but hydroponics is recommended because it is a cleaner and easier way to grow indoors.

Our grow boxes are built to the highest standards by hand in Canada. Each grow box is tested for quality and precision before leaving our showroom in Vancouver BC. Here are the components of a great grow box:

Components of a Grow Box That Produces

Self contained growing chamber for controlling air flow, temperature and lighting. Reflective walls prevent loss of light power.

Grow Smart timer for perfect timing every time. Our tried and true grow smart timers control every aspect of your grow box making sure you get the most out of your BC Northern Lights grow box.

Automated airflow. Grow box fans are controlled by our electronic grow-smart timer controlling heat and air circulation.

Automated lighting. Plants need different light cycles depending on if you want them to be flowering or growing. Automated lighting ensures your plants get what they need and aren't forgotten.

A sealed grow box chamber and a carbon filter makes sure no smell escapes during flowering and your crop stays safe.

Medical grade finish that is easy to clean, easy to maintain, and is strong enough to last a lifetime.

Industrial strength locks for a safe and secure grow.

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