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What is a Grow Tent?

Setup a small, portable grow room anywhere, anytime

A grow tent is similar to a grow box. Grow tents create an ideal indoor growing environment by creating a grow chamber in the same way that a grow box does.

The primary difference between a grow tent and a grow box is the structure. A grow box is built with components that are stronger and more permanent. A grow tent allows you to take your grow chamber apart by using fabric instead of powder coated aluminum.

grow tent

Grow tents can be an effective way to grow your own if you are either on a tighter budget or looking for a solution that you can take apart in the future.

Here are the effective components of a grow tent:

Sturdy canvas material with a reflective inside provide durability and keep light from being lost.

High CFM fan and a carbon filter provide temperature control, air circulation and odour control. You get a smell free grow chamber and lots of fresh air for your crop.

Plenty of space allows your plants a lot of room to grow and space to work on your plants without crushing them.

A tested hydroponics system gives you an easy and clean way to feed your plants and automated timers ensure that watering is never forgotten.

Automated high output lights give you plenty of power to flower plants and easy to use digital ballasts are reliable as hell so you don't have to worry about having the lights go out.

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