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Your Plants Have Needs. Here's What to Look Out For.

Your plants are delicate. You treat them like they are the most precious little babies. And with babies, there’s a whole list of things to consider: when to feed it, when to bathe it, when to shower it with attention, and so forth.

To grow the ideal plants, you need the ideal indoor environment. This includes the right temperature, the right humidity, and as discussed before, the right pH.

Hot in Here (But Not Too Hot)

When you really think about it, Goldilocks would be a great grower. Sure, when you first read her little adventure, you thought she was just a picky, annoying little girl. But the attention she pays to the attention of her porridge is the same attention you should have over your plants.

Too hot is bad. Not only did that burn Goldilocks’ little mouth, but it’ll obviously harm your plants, too. If it’s too hot, your plants will need extra water, and chances are, it’ll try to absorb more water than you can give it, drying the plant out.

Too cold is also bad. Your poor little plants will just freeze and die. That’s no good either.

You want your grow space to be “juuust right,” and just right is on the warmer side, because your light source will create some heat. Proper temperature allows for efficient plant functions and life cycles.

The optimal temperature is around 73 to 82 Fahrenheit. To make sure that you keep it around there, it’s best to have a thermometer.

BCNL grow boxes have automated controls that’ll keep your plants at the optimal temperature.

Your Plants Don’t Want to be Moist

On top of the appropriate temperature, you also need to make sure that your grow space has the appropriate humidity level. Humidity will control how fast your plants will soak up nutrients and water, so to say the least, yeah, it’s pretty important.

If the humidity is too high, you risk your plant growing mould. Excess moisture can do that to a plant. If the humidity is too low, your plants will wilt because the water it absorbs from its roots will evaporate too quickly.

To maintain good humidity levels, introduce an exhaust fan to your grow space. This will remove some of the heat and moisture, both of which may accumulate really quickly.

Humidity levels can be hard to control, but BCNL grow boxes also has that covered, ensuring that your plants stay nice and cool and dry.

Maintain it From the Membrane

As discussed before, the pH level of your plants is also incredibly important. On the pH scale of zero to 14, zero is the most acidic, and 14 is the most basic. A pH of seven is neutral.

Keep your plants between the 5.2 and 5.9 range, and you’ll ensure that your plants will absorb the proper amount of nutrients. Anywhere outside of that range, and you’re risking malnourished plants and even toxicity.

So, put it altogether, and you’ll see that your plant just really knows what it wants—appropriate temperature, humidity levels, and pH levels. Keep it constant, and be consistent, because inconsistency is the killer of all good things.

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