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BloomBox Pro™

The Home Growers Dream

The new BloomBox Pro™ is 100% self-sufficient from start to finish, your true home grown solution

BloomBox Pro™ grow box interior shot
BloomBox Pro™

What you can grow

House 2 mother plants & clones on one side, while harvesting 4 plants on the other

The custom Power Cloner enables you to clone then switch to vegetation stage to prepare plants for flowering

Harvest every 6-10 weeks, yielding 4 to 12 ounces per harvest

Questions about growing? Our Grow Specialists can help. Call us at 1-866-933-3269.

Fully Automated

State-of-the-art sensors monitor and automatically manage the grow cycle for you, or use the touch screen to make precision adjustments.

Close-up of the BloomBox Pro™ grow box
Premium Features

- Deep water Culture Hydro system
-7” capacitive touch screen
- Advanced sensor array: temp, humidity, CO2, pH, EC
- LED lighting
-Auto watering, pH and CO2 injection system

Close-up of the BloomBox Pro™ touch panel
Built to last

All our Grow Boxes are made to deliver for the long term - designed and built by Grow Box specialists. All Grow Boxes come with a 3-year warranty on the mechanical build and a 1-year warranty on electronics.

Close-up of the RoomMate Pro™ grow box’s stealth design

BloomBox Pro™ Standard Package

Everything you need for 3 grow cycles

BloomBox Pro™ Grow BoxDeep Water Culture Hydro SystempH SensorTDS/Water temp sensorsManual & Quick Grow GuideMain water pump w/ adaptorFilling water pump w/ adaptor3 cycles worth of 1" & 3" RockwoolCO2 Regulator2 Filters and filter mountsWhite clone shelf, tray and domeMixing tub w/ drain hoseSyringe & Measuring Cup3 Cycle Silver Nutrient Pack2 8” Nursery pot with SaucerCoco BrickGolden Grow Cloner with veg lid

BloomBox Pro™ Gold Package

Everything you need for 6 grow cycles

BloomBox Pro™ Grow BoxStandard Package plus:The BCNL DryerBack up Water PumpUpgrade to 6 cycles worth of rockwoolUpgrade to 6 cycles of GOLD nutrientspH Pen (handheld)ONA (odour eating block)Mini Hanzo snips (scissors)ScalpelExtra Drip EmittersGrow SunglassesBC Bags (smell proof storage bags)



Want to learn more about growing your own? We offer real-time support from Grow Specialists 7 days a week. From equipment setup and cloning advice to nutrient tips and curing techniques, our Grow Specialists can help.