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Mothership Pro™

We love our mothers, and we know you will too

The new Mothership Pro™ is designed to create the perfect cloning environment for up to 4 mother plants. Or you can run a power cloner while growing 2 mother plants - either way, you're showing love for Mother dearest!

Mothership Pro™ grow box interior shot
Mothership Pro™

What you can grow

Grow up to 4 mother plants

Add optional Golden Grow Power Cloner

Grow up to 48 clones & veg up to 12

Questions about growing? Our Grow Specialists can help. Call us at 1-866-933-3269.

Fully Automated

State-of-the-art sensors monitor and automatically manage the grow cycle for you, or use the touch screen to make precision adjustments.

Close-up of the Mothership Pro™ grow box
Premium Features

- 7” capacitive touch screen
- Advanced sensor array: temp, humidity, CO2, EC
- LED lighting
-Auto watering and CO2 injection system

Close-up of the Mothership Pro™ touch panel
Built to last

All our Grow Boxes are made to deliver for the long term - designed and built by Grow Box specialists. All Grow Boxes come with a 3-year warranty on the mechanical build and a 1-year warranty on electronics.

Close-up of the Mothership Pro™ grow box’s stealth design

Mothership Pro™

Everything you need for 3 grow cycles

Mothership Pro™ Grow BoxManual and Quick Grow GuideFilter Mount and filterClone Shelf, tray and domeMixing Tub with Drain HoseSyringe & Measuring Cup3 Cycle Silver Veg Nutrients4 10” nursery pots w/ saucersCoco BricksOptional Golden Grow Cloner w/ veg lidOptional Moisture sensor



Want to learn more about growing your own? We offer real-time support from Grow Specialists 7 days a week. From equipment setup and cloning advice to nutrient tips and curing techniques, our Grow Specialists can help.